Battle Ground, Washington, July 23, 2018

NRA Annual MeetingFoundation Michelangelo and CEO Mark Russo Strike Gold at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas

Foundation Michelangelo (FM) setup a spectacular display at the 147th  National  Rifle Association  Annual Meeting (NRAAM) in Dallas, Texas. FM displayed in a 10’ X 20’ booth space located in one of the main conference halls. “Our booth space was in a good location. We also placed 3 separate art displays at all registration locations and that was magic, as we knew it would be hard for nearly 100,000 people attending to see all the booths considering the massive size of the conference halls.”

“The 3 strategically placed art displays drove clients right to our booth and produced great results as we sold large collections, mainly of our eagles and patriotic themes,” says Russo.

“Nearly 100,000 people attending”

FM donated one of its eagle sculptures to the NRA main auction event which raised $20,000 at the live dinner gala during the conference.

This was FM’s first appearance at the NRA Annual Meeting and so good were the results, the company will be attending next year’s event in Indianapolis. “We are very excited about attending next year’s event. Our booth will be even bigger and will include a larger collection of art,” says Russo.

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FM has a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desktop images and collectibles to larger than life heroic monuments. The company’s master mold collection contains hundreds of original molds from world-famous artists in the United States and Europe. For more information, visit

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