Reserve now your fine art masterpiece – RISK FREE- for your next auction event

All Our Fine Art pieces are 100% Risk Free for the nonprofit and charity event. You don’t pay anything for the piece(s) until they are successfully auctioned. You can view the FULL GALLERY HERE >

Talk to our Fundraising Expert today and fill your auction event with timeless and classic collector’s pieces that are guaranteed to move and maximize your profits. Scroll through some of the more popular sculptures below to find that perfect piece for your event –>

Foundation Michelangelo

As the premier fine art auction item producer in America, we have made it our mission to provide charitable and nonprofit organizations, the ability to create highly successful and memorable auction based fundraising events.

Our unique program allows your organization to receive fine art masterpieces for your event with absolutely zero cost or obligation until the piece sells. Foundation Michelangelo covers the entire cost of freight and delivery to your location. In the rare event the piece does not sell at auction, included with the packing you will find the return shipping label prepaid by Foundation Michelangelo.

Participation could not be easier! We strive to make the process simple and easy. You simply select a piece or two that you think will appeal to your group and leave the rest to us:
– We will deliver it with all needed support materials.
– You keep focused on your event.
– All completely without risk or obligation.

Choose Artwork

(1) How Our Risk-Free Program Works:

YOU – Select item(s) from the Auction Gallery most suitable for your patrons.

You can, of course, choose more than one.

Another unique part of our program that we offer, should one of the items prove to be extremely popular, is the ability to offer MORE THAN ONE!

We call this our popular “Double Down” which can garner the event a doubling or tripling of the auction price offered for the original piece. You can read more about this unique opportunity HERE >

Ship Artwork

(2) It’s So Easy

WE – Pack your selected item(s) with a Presentation Board, Auctioneer Cue Card, auction Winner Envelope, and cover all costs of shipment either directly to the organization or private residence.

As you can read on our FAQ Page, there is never any risk on the part of the nonprofit. We cover shipping to the event and, if the piece does not sell, we cover all expenses for shipping the piece back to the Foundry!


(3) At Your Event

YOU – Display and sell the item(s) to the highest bidder at a live auction event!

We also provide collaterals for you to display with your piece to help create interest and establish the value of these beautiful sculptures. Using our proven tools for success your organization is guaranteed to have a successful event.

Some of your questions may also be covered on our FAQs Page >


(4) Certification of Authenticity and Delivery

WE – Send the Certificate of Authenticity and Owner Documentation directly to the winning bidder, reducing the post-event workload for you.


If the piece doesn’t sell at auction, the nonprofit ships the piece back to Foundation Michelangelo; all of these shipping expenses are covered by Foundation Michelangelo! Your nonprofit assumes NO costs during the entire process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide charitable donations of our ever growing and evolving inventory of art, to worthy non-profit organizations to assist them in auction based fundraising events. And to create a legacy of giving and philanthropy through art that extends to generations.

Since 1998 our innovative model has helped raise more than $50 million for thousands of charitable organizations.’ (Note that TIC was incorporated in 2016, the model was implemented in 1998). We’ve made some exciting changes to our program and look forward to helping even more organizations during the coming year.

Just a Few of Our Celebrity Collectors

From Popes to Statesmen, Presidents to Sports Icons, Hollywood Celebrities to Music Idols, our artists pieces have been received with wonder and outright joy around the globe. “Magnificent”, “astounding”, “beautifully crafted” are just some of the exclamations of pride that the new owners of these pieces have expressed. Please do not hesitate to contact our fundraising experts as soon as possible to begin the process of making your next auction event an unforgettable one! Call Today: (360) 954-5453


Lorenzo delivers the bronze of peace “St. Francis of Assisi” to Pope John Paul II at the Vatican

Mikhail Gorbachev-foundation-michelangelo

Lorenzo and the former Premier of Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev

President Ronald Reagan-foundation-michelangelo.jpg

Lorenzo presenting President Ronald Reagan the official American bald eagle “The Proud American” on the eve of his election

King Juan Carlos of Spain-foundation-michelangelo.jpg

King Juan Carlos of Spain with Lorenzo in the Royal Palace in Madrid admiring his new Ghiglieri masterpiece

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti-foundation-michelangelo

Lorenzo welcoming Tenor Luciano Pavarotti as a new collector of his sculpture “Strongest Bond”

Vice President Al Gore-foundation-michelangelo

Lorenzo presenting Vice President Al Gore with the official American bald eagle for the permanent White House Collection

Tiger Woods-foundation-michelangelo

Tiger Woods admiring his new Ghiglieri Bronze

Ross Perot-foundation-michelangelo

Billionaire Ross Perot welcomes his new “Spirit of America” to his collection

Dr. Ben Carson-foundation-michelangelo

Dr. Ben Carson and his wife enjoy a new addition to their collection; a beautiful Ghiglieri sculpture


Jay Leno enjoys his new Ghiglieri sculpture


Arnold Schwarzenegger in his office proudly displaying his Ghiglieri sculpture

Hugh Hefner -foundation-michelangelo.jpg

Hugh Hefner enjoys his new Ghiglieri sculpture


George Bush Sr. admiring his Ghiglieri sculpture

General Norman Schwarzkopf-foundation-michelangelo.jpg.png

Laran with General Norman Schwarzkopf


Lorenzo with Michael Jackson


Arnold Palmer, Hale Irwin, and Sean Connery celebrate their win with their Ghiglieri sculptures