On this page, we attempt to cover as many questions as possible with our lineup of “Frequently Asked Questions”. If you still have a question or two feel free to talk with our fundraising experts.
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While there are elements that mirror consignment, our program is more of a guaranteed sale. What that means is if the piece sells at auction, Foundation Michelangelo and your nonprofit share in the revenue 50/50, and if the piece doesn’t sell at auction, the nonprofit ships the piece back to Foundation Michelangelo; all of these shipping expenses are covered by Foundation Michelangelo. Your nonprofit assumes no costs during the entire process.

After careful deliberation, the Benefit Reserve has been established as the least amount for which the piece may sell. The intention is twofold: to maintain the integrity of the value of the art, and to ensure a winning bid, while still maximizing the nonprofit revenue. The item can, and often does, sell for considerably more than the Benefit Reserve.

Each of our Masterpieces has a profound physical presence and compelling personality. While a silent auction allows the piece to show off its physical presence, without the charisma of the auctioneer to bring out the backstory of the item, it tends to lose a little of its impact. This is why we have experienced a superior return when presented in a live auction.

Absolutely! A single item has sold up to seven times within a single auction event. Once the Benefit Reserve is achieved, we will gladly ship directly to multiple buyers. We call this a Double Down. Ask your Charity Director for more information.

When it comes to offering expert advice and consultation within the item selection process, our Charity Directors are both qualified and committed. Not only is your Charity Director able to help you choose the right piece for your event, they can also advise the optimal number of masterpieces to include in your auction, whether that is one or more. We bear the expense of crating, shipping, and accompanying promotional materials, whether the agreed number of items is one or five.

Each Certificate of Authenticity is specific to the piece, edition number, and individual collector. The Collector’s Registry Envelope, with accompanying RSVP card, is included in the shipment with each piece. Once the piece sells, the nonprofit has the privilege of presenting the envelope to the winning bidder, who will then fill out the registry RSVP card and post it in the pre-stamped, return envelope.  The customized Certificate of Authenticity is then created and mailed directly to the collector.

No. In the unlikely event the item is not purchased, we include a return label that you can use to ship the piece back to us. We maintain responsibility for the piece throughout shipping, delivery, the auction event, and the rare need for return shipping. Once the item is purchased it becomes the responsibility of the collector.

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