One Auction  – Double The Contribution

Auction Winners

You may only have one fundraising event a year, but that shouldn’t stop you from maximizing the contribution by eager and excited bidders. With Treasure Investment Corporation’s revolutionary “Double Down” you can sell multiple items to multiple bidders. Nothing could benefit your cause more than auction items going to all those that really want them.

Auction Winners

Bidder Capture Sheet

It’s as simple as 2, 3, 4!
We want to maximize our contribution to your fundraiser, and would be thrilled for you to sell not just one art piece in your auction, but two, three, or even four of the same piece.

Take note of your bidders during the auction, and capture their bid. If there is competitive bidding for the art piece, when the bidding has come to an end, you can offer the competing bidders the opportunity to all purchase the piece at the bid of the lowest bidder.


Bidder 1: $5,000

Bidder 2: $5,100

Bidder 3: $5,200

Bidding ends and auctioneer offers all three bidders a buying price of $#,### each, and the auctioneer captures contact information for the second and third bidders so Foundation Michelangelo can ship them their pieces.